We are the Rhythm Packed Mechanics

We are a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team based in Woodbury, Minnesota consisting of fifteen members. Our mission is to excel in engineering a robot that succeeds in competition and to learn valuable skills along the way.

Our Core Values

Discover: We explore new skills and ideas. We cooperate with and support other teams year round.

Innovate: We use creativity and persistence to solve problems. 

Impact: We apply what we learn to improve our world. We learned about other teams outreach projects and plan to attend as many as we can.

Include: We respect each other and embrace our differences. We believe we are stronger when we work together.     

Have Fun: We enjoy and celebrate what we do.

Our History

  • 2017


    Our team was created before the 2017-2018 season of Relic Recovery with over ten members that had varying levels of experience in FTC. This season was a huge learning experience.

  • 2018


    The 2018-2019 Rover Ruckus season started with new plans and ideas including outreach and innovative robot designs. Oh, and we also created a pretty cool logo.

  • 2019


    During the Rover Ruckus season, we advanced from Regionals to State and even to Worlds! At Worlds, we were even a finalist for the Innovate Award, and several awards at State. It was an amazing year for all of us.

  • 2019


    The next year, we received an overflow of applicants to join our team thanks to many workshops we had hosted the year prior. Before the start of the 2019-2020 Skystone Challenge, we suddenly had fifteen members on our team, and also a new rookie team to mentor, My Favorite Team! (Yes, that is their name.)

  • 2020

    Still Learning!

    Working with nine FTC rookies on our team is not easy, but we adjusted to make it work. The new members allowed us to take part in new experiences in almost every area of our team. This year, for the second time, we were graciously invited to the World Competition for winning the Connect Award.

Learn More!

What is FIRST?

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a community that supports young people all over the world with a chance to take part in robotics. They strive to transform the next generation through teamwork, competition, and STEM.

Every year, FIRST leadership creates a unique game--one for every age group--that teams create a robot to participate in. There are four programs in FIRST:

Also, check out the High Tech Kids organization who runs every FLL Jr., FLL, and FTC competition in Minnesota.

Our Promote Video

Here is our 2020 FIRST Promote Video answering the question: "How has FIRST changed me?"

We Put Emphasis on Our Community

We find it valuable to invest in the community around us. We have hosted workshops, visited schools, and connected with city. We do this because FIRST is funded by donations and kept alive with new teams. We believe FIRST equips the next generation to become well rounded STEM leaders.

Check our Sustainability in FIRST guide that we have created: